simulations of the sky

We have reconstructed the path of the Sun with a software planetarium The rotation of the celestial sphere is an appearance: for some time we know that in reality it is the earth that rotates on its axis making a turn in just under 24 hours. The rotation of the earth is the movement that makes us see the Sun rise in the east, reach the highest point to the south (at noon) and disappear to the west, to then make the same path to the starry vault. The revolution, the movement with which the earth revolves around the Sun, lasts a year. Because of the inclination of the Earth’s axis, the effect on the paths of the Sun is that, from the winter solstice, the Sun passes a little higher every day, until it reaches the summer solstice, and then begins to descend and so on.

We have used Stellarium, a free Open Source software planetary, which allows us to simulate an acceleration of time, thus making the most evident rotation, but also the terrestrial revolution.